Sunday, July 3, 2011

Secondo Giorno in Duomo


My second day in Milan and I've seen some of the most known architecture in the world. 
This is one of the pictures I took, you can check more of them on my other blog:
When I was in the plane I got inspired by the view of my little window but I  haven't had the time to post it when I gone in Milan, so here it is:

"Sitting high, up to 36000 feet,
made me think and realize how life got me to look
through the window and enjoy such details on this earth.
Those white cotton flowing below me with a dark blue
contrast of the ocean while the sun makes a rainbow line. As
the sun come at it greatest view of color, orange, my eyes keeps on imagining
the best moments that has happen in my life including now.
This pink horizon inspire me to become more feminine in who I am, more poised on how I stand
which brought me to have a nice conversation to the woman sitting next to me.
This is a moment that I've been waiting for and projecting it out there in the universe
for this journey to be a  successful one. 
The World is yours.
Dream big and live it as you imagine it."

When I landed at the Airport of Frankfurt, Germany, while I was waiting for my flight, I also wrote this:

"Now landing in Germany at Frankfurt Airport. All I see,
here charging my laptop, is men in suits. I sincerely cant stop
admiring theses men, but not all of them Rocks them like GQ
A dream of being in a place where you can't understand a word of their conversation
Only in my flight to Germany there was three translator.
It's such an amazing experience and i'm not even in Milan yet."

Now that I am on my second day in Milan traveling, visiting, walking all the famous places and fashion places, I can relate to the other people that has come here before but I must admit that it can't be compare to my one and only city, PARIS.
Detail matters... simple things can make me smile.

Ta ta for now... Love birds!

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