Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My preparation day.

Last day of preparation.
Hectic, stressful but so excited to leave Canada for a while and travel Europe for the summer.
So many thing I will be seeing and taking picture of...
Tomorrow, morning is the Ottawa Airport to Milan... but I need to be comfortable for the trip, which I am debating on a few outfits but I know my accessories will be.
Caring two luggage and my camera quite.... Should a fashionista wear her heels regardless?

I've been trying to figure out what i should bring in my luggage but I am having some serious issues.... too many clothes.
I can't concentrate on anything at the moment.

Ta, ta for now, Love birds!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Current Issue


I am proud to present you the current Issue of my teacher Piero Visconti founder of the online Fashion and Art magazine based in Milan. Mr.Visconti will be my photography teacher at IIF. You can inspire yourself into his art and passion for fashion...

                                        Check out the Online Magazine


The countdown has started for my departure in Milan,Italy. I've received my "Welcome kit" via internet and let me tell you that I got very excited to see what my schedule would be like and to know the names of my teachers & speakers during my two week program...so I can know what their about! Also, I've register myself in a Guide Tour in Art galleries, on my third day of school, of famous masterpieces such as the Montefeltro Altarpiece by PIero della Francesca, the Marriage of the Virgin by Raffaello and many more... I will sneak my camera to take a set of picture and show you guys the INSIDER of these Art galleries.
I am thrilled to be able to fallow my dreams and travel overseas in a destination where I've always wanted to live, Europe! 

Ta! Ta for now.

Gabryela Vogua